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Meet Yasmin Abuhamad

Posted on 07 June 2020

What is your name, and where are you based?

Yasmin Abuhamad, based in Bahrain / California (soon...)

What is your profession?

Student / Yoga instructor

What is your story?

My yoga journey started when I was around 13/14 and I was primarily self taught. I fell in love with the practice when I saw how beneficial yoga was physically and mentally. As a hormonal teenager, yoga allowed me to escape all the trivial problems I had in my life. In 2018, my mom and I spent a month in Bali for a yoga teacher training course which was a life changing experience. I was 16 when I started teaching classes in Bahrain and it felt amazing to be able to spread my love for the practice with others. I've always been passionate about the health and fitness, so these classes gave me an outlet to share the information I had about the importance of breath, human anatomy, and mindfulness. Teaching yoga has given me so much confidence in public speaking and provided me with holistic knowledge about the human body.

How has COVID-19 effected you ?

COVID-19 has completely flipped my world upside down. So many milestones of my senior year have been taken away which is sad, but the pandemic is a blessings in disguise in some ways...

What have you done to stay involved and up to date during Quarantine times?

Social media (mainly instagram) has allowed me to connect with so many interesting people and has given me a lot of amazing opportunities. The abundance on online fitness classes has given us all the chance to explore different interests and try new things!

What services are you currently offering, and how can our followers contact you?

I have a series with LIFT boxing club where I teach 15-20 minute yoga classes and mini workshops focusing on certain aspects of yoga. These videos are available at LIFTOnline.net. Followers can contact me via instagram @yasmin.abuhamad or email (which is linked in my bio).

When will you be going Live with Tru ? 

I will be going live on Wednesday June 10th 2020 at 5PM. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement I have asked for my Live class be donation based. A direct link to Black Lives Matter will be made available on Tru Active's account. Catch me on instagram on @truactivebh 

To read more about Black Lives Matter , to donate or sign petitions check out the links below: 

This is the main site with all the links:https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

Links to the petitions: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/#petitions

What's your favorite Tru Active item and why ?

I love the Men's Muscle tank tops because they're so soft and comfortable. Also the Arabic Calligraphy on the back is just so beautiful!

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