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  • Moon Phase Yoga Mat - Tru Active

Tru Circle

Moon Phase Yoga Mat

$68.00 $80.00


Explore a slip-free practice with our Marahil Al Qamar (moon phases) yoga mat. This mat was designed to wick away sweat and absorb moisture even while it's in use. Grip and comfort are immediately noticed from first use. Includes mat carrier strap.

Dimensions: 183cm x 68 cm 

Composition: Polyurethane leather, and natural rubber 
*Free from formaldehyde, Latex, and PVC-free

Care Instructions:

First Use: Generously spray the mat with clean water and wipe the mat dry before use. Make sure your spray bottle is on a misting setting to avoid over spraying large amounts of water on the mat this can cause a residual liquid mark on the mat surface, and take the mat longer to dry. Leave mat rolled out in a shaded area to fully dry. 

Regular Care: It is recommended to use a wet but not dripping towel to wipe the mat clean. Do not soak the mat in the water this can cause a residual liquid mark on the mat surface. After cleaning or use, place the mat in a ventilated shady dry, do not expose it to the sun. A simple recipe for a homemade yoga mat cleaner is to dilute organic liquid soap with a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle with clean water. Check out our latest blog post about how to make your own homemade yoga mat spray. Make sure your bottle nozzle is set to a misting setting and spray your parts at a time, as the mat will soak the water instantly. 

AVOID: Folding or rolling mat in reverse. Roll the mat with the design side facing out. Rolling in reverse can cause creases in the topcoat that will be difficult for the mat to recover from. Avoid using harsh chemicals/cleaners to clean this mat.

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