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Meet Ranya Bushehri

Posted on 21 June 2020

What is your name, and where are you based?

Ranya Bushehri, Bahrain

What is your profession?

Yoga and Animal Flow Instructor

What is your story?

I’ve always enjoyed sports/movement, I tried my first yoga class at 17 and fell in love. I love I feel physically but also how it mentally shaped me. It helps me put things into perspective and humbles me with what truly matters.

How has COVID-19 effected you ?

I think it was initially very tough on my mental health, I’ve been teaching full time for months and to have that taken away from me was not easy, also I enjoy being a student myself and not joining group classes was hard. After trying out the virtual world I was happy with the results, it’s not 100% the same but it’s still a beautiful lesson we’re going through.

What have you done to stay involved and up to date during Quarantine times?

I think social media is a powerful tool when used appropriately, that’s really helped me.

What services are you currently offering, and how can our followers contact you?

I currently teach group Yoga and Animal Flow classes with TFW Bahrain. I also teach privates. All through Zoom. My schedule is posted on my Instagram @Ranya.movement

When will you be going Live with Tru ? 

I will be going live on Wednesday June 24th 2020 at 4PM with an Animal Flow class, come check it out. Catch me on instagram live on @truactivebh 

What's your favorite Tru Active item and why ?

That’s a tough question. I’d have to say my mosaic leggings

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